The Balu Pecan and Livestock Project

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With its beginnings in January 2018, the project that Balu Pecan & Livestock Company is embarking upon involves the long-term development and realisation of 4500 hectares of land, with the focus being on the establishment of a large pecan tree plantation for the production of pecan nuts.

Balu is a privately-owned company (Kalimba Investments PVT Ltd T/A Balu Pecan and Livestock) whose shareholders have committed the initial capital to the project and successfully planted 10000 pecan trees in 2018.

In 2019 this was expanded with a further 13000 trees totalling to date 23000 trees on 200ha. 2020 will see a further 20000 trees on another 150 hectares to total 43000 trees planted by the end of 2020.


Whilst the focus is on the production of pecans, the project is to be augmented with an extensive cattle project and shorter-term export crops which will supplement the working capital and funding requirements.

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October 2018

100 hectares (10000 trees) of pecan plantation

October 2019

23000 trees on 200ha of pecan plantation

June 2020

Community livestock facilities

December 2020

200 hectares of irrigated pastures/fodder crops

December 2020

Advanced Livestock Reproductive Centre (ET and IVF technologies)

December 2020

150 breeding cows

December 2020

1500 long weaner steers on pastures

December 2020

1500 feeder cattle in pens

January 2022

100 hectares of small-scale pecan plantations under contract

August 2023

1000 hectares of pecan plantations

February 2023

Modern pecan sorting and cracking and packing factory

January 2024

Strong international Balu pecan brand

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